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It is difficult to find reliable cryptocurrency updates and information in South Africa. Big media outlets tend to publish partner or sponsored content. These are articles written by the featured companies themselves. Furthermore, there are very few experts in the field.

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Bitcoin: Rise – HK Event Huge Success This past weekend Bitcoin enthusiasts gathered in a Hong Kong café to learn about Bitcoin. Participants were shown how easy the technology can be to understand. They were helped to open a Bitcoin wallet and purchase food and drinks with bitcoin. In addition to Bitcoin buyers there are […]

Inside Bitcoins Berlin is a series of global Bitcoin conferences, focusing on networking and discussion, topics dealt with: building on and improving legacy financial systems, freedom of speech, and the Bitcoin revolution.

 There are 9 specific attributes that make gold “money”: Scarce Compared to other minerals, natural resources and commodities gold exists as both rare to find but widely available globally. Durable It will not corrode, decay or tarnish over hundreds of years under the most extreme conditions. Portable You can transport high amounts of value even though the […]

Economics can often seem like a bland melodrama. Experts use figures and financial jargon to confuse. It’s an arena where men in suits beguile with puzzling terminology. Economics is mind numbingly boring to most, but it’s a subject that should be better understood. After all, money does make the world go round.

Mozilla enters smartphone market. Mozilla’s $25 smartphone is at prototype stage. It represents a significant shift for the company.  The product will enter a new segment of the market; ‘feature phones’. These phones are positioned as a compromise between expensive full feature smart-phones and increasingly outdated dumb-phones.This ‘cheap smartphone’ concept will be targeted towards consumers in the […]

Below is our official response: Bitcoin is Healthy The state of the Bitcoin network is strong. The Bitcoin ecosystem is as healthy as ever. As a protocol, allowing for a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency, Bitcoin is distributed amongst all its users. Like similar technologies, such as the internet, the Bitcoin system is greater than […]

Living in a Bubble

Feb 19, 2014 News 3 minutes

Below are the thoughts and musing of Suzette Kotze: Animal Warrior. Suzette fights gloriously for the rights and safety of animals in South Africa. You can read more about her SPCA and activities here.

In South Africa some investors are looking to Bitcoin as a form of Gold 2.0 Is this a fair assessment and can Bitcoin serve this function as an investment? Gold has certain attributes that make it the ideal money. It is no accident that gold always becomes money in a society. It is the only […]

Behcets Disease

Feb 16, 2014 News < 1 minute

Johan van Niekerk is raising funds to attend the next International Behcets Conference. The Conference for doctors will be held in France in September of this year. Johan van Niekerk is raising funds to attend the next International Behcets Conference. The Conference for doctors will be held in France in September of this year. This […]