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Bitcoin is Legal in China Towards the end of 2013 Bitcoin experienced a huge run up in price. This saw the value reach well over USD 1,000 per Bitcoin, at its peak. This was on the back of news that Baidu (known as ‘China’s Google’) would start accepting bitcoin as payment for some of its […]

The Bitcoin ATM market is awash with startups. By our count there are well over half-a-dozen companies making Bitcoin ATMs globally. Some machines are two-way (Bitcoin for cash and vice-versa). Others simply dispense Bitcoin. They are being manufactured all over the world by various startups, in various ways. A new entrant with a particularly interesting […]

  An Update From Stilfontein SPCA. The Stilfontein SPCA has an excellent adoption rate. Adoption refers to animals rescued from abuse and taken into care by loving families and individuals.

Bitcoin’s really not that complicated Bitcoin made it to US TV this week: as a comedy skit on late-night show ‘Conan’. The skit is very funny: a training video that pokes fun at the difficulty in understanding Bitcoin, which “may be too much for our puny minds to comprehend; luckily the training video explains all.” […]

South Africa is home to some really cool crypto projects. This one caught our attention. The Cypherfunks are an online music experiment that aims to fuse an internet band and a crypto-currency: creating some funky mutant offspring. The Cypherfunks were founded by Stellenbosch’s Simon de la Rouviere. We know Simon from around the traps. He […]

Facebook Drones and Internet Reach Facebook is hoping to acquire a leading drone manufacturer. The intention is to use the drones to deliver internet to isolated parts of the globe, including parts of Africa.

Bitcoin: honey badger of money. According to a popular internet meme series the honey badger doesn’t care about anything thrown at it: just like Bitcoin. Every few months Bitcoin is declared dead by the mainstream press. Of course, it still remains: stronger than ever. Eventually the press will learn. Bitcoin can not actually die. It […]

We were lucky enough to chat with Botswana’s Bitcoin Ambassador Alakanani Itireleng. Her activities have been attracting a lot of attention of late. As a close friend of iceCUBED she was happy to update us on the state of Bitcoin in Botswana.

You can make Bitcoin History. South Africa Travel Online have been open to Bitcoin transactions for a while. But they are yet to receive their first Bitcoin payment. So, to raise interest they’ve announced a new competition. The first person to transact in Bitcoins wins a R1000 travel voucher. For owner Rob this is about […]