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Bitcoin, a word that may be almost every person that has a touch with a PC have heard at least once. Some heard a lot. Others did the research. Got involved. Invested. Lost money. Made a fortune and many, many, life-changing stories. What we are going to talk this time is what actually the purpose […]

iCE3X - Featured Image Family

We live in a world where we have our surroundings, companies and more importantly our families. Like everyone else, their opinion matters to us. When it comes to cryptocurrency there are so many floating pieces of information, either on the internet, radio or even on the TV. Nonetheless, most of them are negative, saying that […]

Facebook Libra - Featured Image

Facebook Coin is already in the minds of a lot of the general public. During June 2019, Facebook announces that they are developing and will release their own cryptocurrency. They call it Libra. Facebook’s Libra announcement is already making waves and could be the reason behind the large rally of Bitcoin during July. However, Libra […]

binance hack

At the beginning of May 2019, it was revealed that prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, had been hacked. The hackers stole over 7000 Bitcoins which is a staggering amount. Although they are covering this with insurance, it could gravely impact users otherwise. Their funds could disappear and their data could leak. Even if the customer’s funds […]

paper money elon musk

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla recently spoke on cryptocurrency and gave his opinion on it. During a podcast with ARK invest, Elon Musk spoke on his views of the future of his companies and even responded specifically to questions regarding what he thinks about cryptocurrency. In light of this, Musk said he actually […]

April Upgrades Banner

We have some exciting developments in the April Updates for iCE3X. The latest upgrade introduces a new verification level. This allows you to withdraw a limited amount by verifying their phone number through SMS. You can try out the full iCE3X experience including withdrawals before fully committing your documentation to fulfil the KYC (Know Your […]