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Bitcoin work of art blogpost

“Work of Art” can refer to anything but most people think of paintings. For instance, Artwork by Pablo Picasso, Les Femmes d’ Alger (“Version O”) that is valued at $197.4 Million. Furthermore, another of his works Le Rêve sold for $155 Million. The former painting depicts some women in Algiers and the latter shows a […]


Our June 2020 iCE3 Exchange survey was a roaring success. Nearly 10% of our regular traders took time out of their day to give us valuable feedback.  Thank You to each and every participant  in our survey (and all of you who were tempted to, but just didn’t have the time – next time) We […]

South Africa Regulate Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency Regulations are the remit of The Interdepartmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG). Consequently, they released a policy position paper on crypto-assets for review and feedback by key stakeholders before 15 May 2020. The position paper makes over 30 recommendations. Based on the recommendations iCE3 Exchange will be known as a Crypto Asset Service Provider […]


Can Crypto change lives? We think it can! iCE3 has taken the initiative to fight the corona pandemic head-on. We have very quickly mobilized to make toilet paper available to the less fortunate and we need your help to scale this operation. Working with the Mayor of Matlosana, Cllr. Maetu Kgaile, and a local toilet […]


Artificial Intelligence Coin is the native utility token for iCE3 Exchange. What’s a utility token you ask? A utility token is a coin that can be traded like any other cryptocurrency but affords the holder of the token a certain right to utility or function. Utility coins are popular coins which most notably run on […]


iCE3 is always at the forefront of developments in the South African Crypto Space. We again have a First in South Africa for our customers: Instant Deposits from any South African Bank. This service which is also completely free will allow traders to fund their trading accounts in under 60 seconds. Instant Deposits Will Allow […]


Proof of Keys is the Birthday celebration for the blockchain and the freedom it brings. The bitcoin blockchain roared to life 11 years ago on 3 January 2009. Today marks the official birthday of the bitcoin blockchain which many users around the world celebrate by participating in the Proof of Keys movement. As usual, we […]


What does bitcoin have to do with Sound? Well, nothing (except for being sound money of course!). As a result of this Ultra Sound & Vision in South Africa now incentivise clients to pay in Bitcoin. Ultra Sound & Vision do this through discounts which they apply when using bitcoin to pay for any purchase. […]


Libra to liberate Africa or will Mark Zuckerberg be the modern Slave Master? We are all debt slaves whether we like it or not. Every single one of us who wake up and go to work to earn an income, which is a representation of our labour. That representation, however, is not created by labour […]

iCE3X - Featured Image evil

It’s easy these days to categorise something as “bad”. Find some influencer to say “this is bad” and many people will follow them blindly. It’s human nature: “monkey see, monkey do”, or as others would say, people are “sheep”. Just because the leader goes in one direction is enough for the rest to follow mindlessly. […]