The MINING category on contains a collection of interesting articles about cryptocurrency mining. If you would like to start your own mining project or simply want to know more, this is the right category. Mining crypto can be rewarding, but also catastrophic to your finances. This is due to many unknown facts and unforeseen expenses. As a result, many enthusiasts give up. Find all the information you need about building your own rig and which pools to join. The mining category is great for overclocking tips and sourcing bargain hardware. Furthermore, we have articles explaining how to calculate profits, where to sell your crypto and what the tax implications are.  In addition, you can also find articles about cloud mining and how it works, what to look out for and who not to trust.

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cryptocurrency mining

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency mining has become a profitable trend. However, it has also been the main factor affecting the worldwide GPU (Graphics card) shortages. As a result, various Chinese markets have seen accusations claiming they have been “trying to kill the GPU market again because they are greedy”. Despite GPU-based cryptocurrency mining taking […]

Mining CryptoCurrency in South Africa featured image

Mining Cryptocurrency in South Africa Is mining cryptocurrency in South Africa a minefield for you? Well, that is because it is, it is also the reason why so much money is being made in this “fledgeling” industry (mining cryptocurrency in South Africa is a fairly small industry compared to the rest of the world). Who […]

cloud mining trap

The Cloud Mining Fallacy, and why people do it Cloud mining, cloud storage, cloud banking, cloud this, that and the other. Everywhere you look, you find someone offering something in the cloud. Unless you have your head in the clouds, cloud computing is affecting your everyday life. What is Cloud Mining?  Cloud mining is no […]

Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving

Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving is This Year! The Bitcoin mining reward halving, relates to the incentives on the Bitcoin network. Any network processing information needs computing power. Bitcoin is no different. A company like Visa, for example, have their own computers. So, the computing power to process transaction comes from a central point; the company. Bitcoin is decentralised. There […]

Cloud Mining Guide

May 29, 2014 Mining < 1 minute

A User Guide to Get Started Cloud Mining Mining for Bitcoin has become a highly specialised industry. In 5 years it has grown significantly from its hobbyist beginnings. Mining is now a multimillion dollar industry in its own right. Scrypt mining and Litecoin are headed in the same direction. As a result, it has been […]

Litecoin Mining Gets Big Boost An ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is a specially designed piece of hardware for doing the calculations to mine a specific coin and verify transactions.

This is the Easiest Way to Mine Bitcoins on the Market Bitcoin mining is not feasible for average users anymore. To setup a profitable mining operating takes millions of dollars in investment. There are sunk costs, infrastructure and expertise requirements. Bitcoin mining is a professional and capital intensive industry.


You want to mine bitcoin. But, how to start? There are three main categories of bitcoin mining hardware, each more expensive and more powerful than the last. This article explains each of them, and talks about how to make them work. By this stage, you will understand how bitcoin works, and what mining means. But […]

 If you heard of Bitcoin you have probably heard of mining. So what exactly is mining you ask? Well, to explain that, we need to explain the blockchain. And then we will provide you with the information about, how bitcoin mining works. All About the Blockchain All the transactions for a cryptocurrency are recorded on […]