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Heard of bitcoin, now you want to trade? For those of you who are new to bitcoin or ice3x bitcoin exchange South Africa, here is a great step-by-step instruction video to get you trading in the blink of an eye.  It is really quick and simple to sign up and you will be trading with […]

bitcoin trading for beginners chart

Starting out as a beginner in the world of bitcoin trading can be pretty confusing. You have to do a lot of research and you need to keep up to date with the bitcoin news. Locally in South Africa, but also international news. But where do you start? This depends on your current level of […]

bitcoin value featured

Bitcoin is trading on iceCUBED at R 3500. But the bitcoin price and the Bitcoin value are different concepts. How is Bitcoin Value established? The price of a bitcoin is determined by the market demands. Supply and demand give us an indication of the bitcoin value as a commodity. Bitcoin is still a small market and the price […]

Buy Bitcoin in South Africa? I must buy What? “Buy Bitcoin” is a phrase that has confused everyone from economists to electricians. If you don’t know what bitcoin is yet, you can read by clicking the link. But for those of you who have now come to understand the concept of internet money. Where do […]

  As a p2p digital cash system, bitcoin has some unique features which make it particularly attractive to scammers. The irreversibility and pseudo-anonymity of transactions are particularly inciting to nefarious actors. The technology is still very new. So regulation, consumer protection, best business practice, and supervisory bodies are sorely lacking. With that in mind, it […]

ice3x api update

API Upgrade and Integration We are pleased to announce API upgrades for developers and professional traders. There are now 4 public repositories under ICE3X on Github : API Documentation. Sample Java client. Sample Node JS client. Sample Go client. These provide the necessary information for accessing the market data API and also integrating with the trade […]

Africa’s first Ripple Gateway At iceCUBED we are pleased to announce Ripple integration for our users. We are a Ripple Gateway; Africa’s first in fact. Ripple traders now have complete exposure to the continent and its most versatile currency, the S. African Rand (ZAR). We will be releasing a detailed How-To guide shortly, but for […]

It’s become a truism in the bitcoin community that widespread acceptance of bitcoin will come when the background process of selling and buying or paying for something is virtually no more complicated than swiping a contactless card. Money in, money out, trade accomplished. The second prerequisite, looks like it’s on the verge of happening. It […]

Why should I connect to a Ripple Gateway? You must connect to a gateway before you can hold a non-XRP balance on the Ripple network. This has also been known as “establishing a trust line”. Note that there is no need to connect to a Ripple gateway for an XRP balance and that there is no […]