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ADA coin

What is the ADA Coin? ADA coin is new (newish) and still very much unknown, but what is the ADA coin? Who created ADA coins? Where and how and what are they used for? We explore why you should know about ADA and where can you buy or sell ADA coins in South Africa. ADA […]

wealth creation mechanism

What is a wealth creation mechanism? There are many views on what constitutes a wealth creation mechanism. Wealth itself can mean many things to many people. Somewhere in North America a billionaire is thinking of how to accrue more financial wealth. In contrast a Bedouin somewhere in North Africa increased his wealth after a profitable […]

Engaging with ice3x via twitter fi

We wanted to share our top tips on how to engage with ICE3X via Twitter! In an age where we are defined by social media, it’s constructive to make a good impression when engaging with others. Each platform comes with its own rules of etiquette, which leaves many people feeling like outsiders until they catch on. […]

cardano platform

What is Cardano? The Cardano platform is an open source public blockchain project. ADA is the native crypto currency token on Cardano. The platform has a scientific philosophy using a research driven approach. The Cardano network aims to run smart contracts, decentralised applications, side chains, multi-party computation, and metadata. In a nutshell, it is computation […]

money laundering and kyc in south africa

Where there is money…. there will always be fraud and corruption! Money laundering by terror organisations and organised crime syndicates is one of the biggest challenges facing governments world wide. In South Africa this has led to the implementation of the following Acts: Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA); The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA); […]


DDoS attack reports make headline news daily? Do you know what a DDoS attack is and how it can affect you? In this article we will explain what a DDoS attack is and how it can affect you. So what does DDoS mean ? It is the acronym for Distributed Denial of Service attack on […]

bitcoin digital currency

Bitcoin Digital currency talk Bitcoin digital currency is part of every conversation about the future of technology, economics, and the internet. The future of digital currencies remains a controversial topic. After reading these 10 things to know about the confusing world of digital currencies, you should feel confident about joining the conversation. 10 Bitcoin digital […]

trusted third parties

With today’s article, we will expose information regarding why trusted third parties are necessary. Isn’t it Bitcoin safe enough? What are the centralized exchanges and can we trust them? Is there something as decentralized exchange? Also, building and maintaining trust is a must! Why Trusted Third Parties are Necessary Bitcoin represents the ability to transfer […]

What is Monero?

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrenices have public blockchain where every transaction is visible and openly verifiable and traceable. While some people think bitcoin is anonymous, it is most certainly not, and your transactions can potentially be linked to your identity. This is where a privacy focused cryptocurrencies like Monero are different. What is Monero video: […]