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We are now introducing withdrawal address whitelisting to the iCE3X platform. At iCE3X, we are always trying to improve the experience and the security of the exchange constantly. Whitelisting will go a long way to help speed up the withdrawals you want to make to crypto addresses. Not to be confused with blacklisting, whitelisting will […]

STO explained

Before I explain Security Tokens, let us have a look at what has been happening recently for Crypto. The price of every cryptocurrency has been experiencing a roller coaster like ride over the last two years. Bitcoin had a high of nearly $20,000 in 2017  (R300 000)before a plummet during 2018 but has rallied again […]

swim swapping

Cryptocurrency scams and crime have been trending in the spotlight these past few months. Be that as it may, SIM Swapping has been ‘missing’ in a sense according to a number of reports on 2018. Two cryptocurrency analytics companies Chainalysis and CipherTrace recently released two different reports in 2018. The data focuses on mainly on […]


Two-factor authentication is a great security feature that we recommend for all our customers. Google Authenticator is the premiere app that many people use for their two-factor authentication needs. This is the app we recommend too. What Is Two-factor Authentication? With the latest news about the recent Binance hack, it is a good time to […]

Bitcoin difficulty adjustment

The extended bear market throughout 2018 has placed a lot of financial stress on miners of bitcoin. Considering this, it is essential to look at bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment. This plays a vital role in the economics of the legacy cryptocurrency. The bitcoin difficulty adjustment is a major feature of bitcoin itself. The following article aims to […]

Utility Tokens

There has been much written about utility tokens and security tokens. A good resource to get up to speed quickly is by BlockGeeks called: Utility Tokens vs Security Tokens: Learn The Difference – Ultimate Guide. And it is the ultimate guide. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll take you through the highlights and give a […]

erc-20 tokens

The Top 10 ERC-20 Tokens in the market has a staggering combined market cap of $8,416,929,583 (1 April 2019). iCE3X will introduce ERC-20 Token Markets shortly and consequently, we created a short overview of the Top 10 ERC tokens worldwide. This is only a comparison by market cap and we will be diving into greater […]

Privacy Coin

Privacy coins occupy a much-needed niche within the cryptocurrency space. Many of the early cryptocurrency adopters consider privacy coins to be essential. Many people incorrectly refer to Bitcoin as anonymous, though due to the blockchain, it’s inherently public. The minute a Bitcoin (BTC) address is linking to a user, their whole transaction history is essentially […]