The Investing Cryptocurrency category of our blog contains all our curated posts related to cryptocurrency investment. To be more specific, this category has content which focusses on using FIAT currency to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.

We call this type of investment “hodling”. (Acquiring bitcoin and keeping it for a longer term). Many family offices and private investors make a killing by diversification. Furthermore, they were the ones to invest a small percentage of their portfolio into cryptocurrency during the early days (2012-2014). These investors simply funded startups and projects in the cryptocurrency space and have since had many successes, but equally, there have also been some spectacular failures.

Investing directly into the actual asset is another route favoured by some investors. You will find all the benefits and pitfalls of this type of investment in the investing cryptocurrency category. Moreover, you will also come across some insightful articles on scams. Protect yourself by being aware.

Always do your own research when investing in cryptocurrency no matter how much you trust the source which introduced you.

If you cannot find an article which covers the topic you’re looking for please contact us. We will do our best to add the request to the editorial calendar.

While people get in a froth about the future price of bitcoin, there are many other interesting developments occurring in the digital currency world. iCE3X implemented Ripple into its exchange system because of the belief that Ripple may end up causing an even more explosive change on society’s relationship to money than bitcoin. In October, […]

Bitcoin Working With Banks for Mutual Benefit Max Levchin is a mathematician and cryptographer of the highest order. He is also the co-founder of a little company you may have heard of: PayPal. He is very bullish on the core technologies and inventions that underpin the Bitcoin network. He sees a bright future if banks, bitcoin […]

An Economic Bubble in South Africa? A Special By: Tristan Winters. This week Forbes published a controversial article entitled “A Guide to South Africa’s Economic Bubble and Coming Crisis”. The article makes the case that South Africa’s recent economic growth has been fuelled by unnaturally low interest rates. This low interest rate environment, in South Africa […]

[youtube= width=”100%”] The advantage of Bitcoin for Retailers is obvious. But why would a consumer use Bitcoin? recently became the first major US retailer to start accepting Bitcoin. No doubt they saw advantages, for their revenue and business.   This has opened the floodgates. Other major retailers have started accepting Bitcoin. Tiger Direct is another retailer that has jumped on board. Obviously encouraged by Overstock’s huge success. Since integrating Bitcoin into […]

Bitcoin is often understood as the Gold to Litecoin’s Silver. Conceptually this is an easy way to understand it. There are some similarities. Also, it is easy to connect to this idea and understand it in this way. However, both Bitcoin and Litecoin are intangible and have the same non-monetary utility. Whereas gold and silver […]

[youtube=] There are incredible opportunities to generate wealth with Litecoin. With some hard work, a lot of research and a good grasp of numbers, Litecoin can be an invaluable opportunity for Traders and Miners! This video puts the numbers in to perspective: providing us with examples of the people already taking advantage of these glorious […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR Just a little extra something from us to you. The last bitcoin trade for 2013 will have a special bonus for the buyer and seller! The BUYER account will receive a lifetime trading commission rate of just 0.75%. The SELLER account will receive a lifetime trading commission rate of just 0.5%.

Why iceCUBED added Litecoin trading. This decision was made for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, demand was there from the community. It’s not our job to lecture people about the virtues of different coins. We do however recognise that the cost of entering the bitcoin mining market is significant. Many miners in South Africa already […]


Bitcoin vs Cash

Oct 17, 2013 Investing 2 minutes

Looking at Bitcoin as a value transfer system. Bitcoin vs Cash has been one of the many hotly contested topics in the bitcoin space over recent months. You may believe or support the notion bitcoin should take over the world by collapsing financial institutions and or governments. You may want bitcoin to remain underground and […]