The Investing Cryptocurrency category of our blog contains all our curated posts related to cryptocurrency investment. To be more specific, this category has content which focusses on using FIAT currency to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.

We call this type of investment “hodling”. (Acquiring bitcoin and keeping it for a longer term). Many family offices and private investors make a killing by diversification. Furthermore, they were the ones to invest a small percentage of their portfolio into cryptocurrency during the early days (2012-2014). These investors simply funded startups and projects in the cryptocurrency space and have since had many successes, but equally, there have also been some spectacular failures.

Investing directly into the actual asset is another route favoured by some investors. You will find all the benefits and pitfalls of this type of investment in the investing cryptocurrency category. Moreover, you will also come across some insightful articles on scams. Protect yourself by being aware.

Always do your own research when investing in cryptocurrency no matter how much you trust the source which introduced you.

If you cannot find an article which covers the topic you’re looking for please contact us. We will do our best to add the request to the editorial calendar.

Cryptocurrency NEO

NEO is on the rise and has taken the 11th position from Tron. Seeing how this cryptocurrency is on the climb it makes one wonder what will happen next. That being said let’s get an overview of what cryptocurrency NEO is and some other information regarding this cryptocurrency. Who invented Neo? This cryptocurrency was first launched […]

Neo Price Analysis

We refer to Neo as the “Ethereum killer” or “Chinese Ethereum”. It’s time to see a real Neo price analysis and understand its place in the Crypto-World. Neo Neo (previously Antshares), is an all-included smart contract provider. It is well designed for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Decentralised Apps (dApps), focusing on Smart Economy solutions […]

buy neo 5 reasons featured image

Investors buy NEO because of leading market cap and the active community in bear markets Smart contracts are some of the lowest hanging fruit in the cryptocurrency industry NEO supports multiple programming languages Positive trends compared to bitcoin, in contrast with other altcoins that lose value They make decentralisation a key focus NEO Cryptocurrency Why […]


Bitcoin Price Analysis August 2018. Bitcoin got through August with mere double-digit losses. Between August 1st – 31st, bitcoin was only down 10.1%. A closer look into the action may actually suggest the state of bitcoin could be heading toward better times. Bitcoin Price Analysis August 2018 Bitcoin entered August at a price of $7,727, before closing […]

tax implications banner

SA Revenue Services viewpoint on the Tax implications for cryptocurrency holders The tax implications on cryptocurrency investments is a widely discussed subject. Governments all over the world have made statements. Few have made any credible laws or rules specific to cryptocurrencies. In South Africa, SARS (the South African Tax and Revenue Service), have done the […]