investing_cryptocurrency_category_ice3xThe Investing Cryptocurrency category of our blog contains all our curated posts related to cryptocurrency investment. To be more specific, this category has content which focusses on using FIAT currency to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.

We call this type of investment “hodling”. (Acquiring bitcoin and keeping it for a longer term). Many family offices and private investors make a killing by diversification. Furthermore, they were the ones to invest a small percentage of their portfolio into cryptocurrency during the early days (2012-2014). These investors simply funded startups and projects in the cryptocurrency space and have since had many successes, but equally, there have also been some spectacular failures.

Investing directly into the actual asset is another route favoured by some investors. You will find all the benefits and pitfalls of this type of investment in the investing cryptocurrency category. Moreover, you will also come across some insightful articles on scams. Protect yourself by being aware.

Always do your own research when investing in cryptocurrency no matter how much you trust the source which introduced you.

If you cannot find an article which covers the topic you’re looking for please contact us. We will do our best to add the request to the editorial calendar.

cryptocurrency at 2019

Bitcoin’s valuation being $6,000 was an important level to many people in the crypto space. Miners, ICOs and crypto hedge funds alike all relied on the price to stabilize at that level. When that resistance level broke, many things changed for the market environment. What happened at $6,000? Bitcoin (BTC) traded sideways at around $6,000 […]

bitcoin replacing fiat

While it’s true the cryptocurrency space has gone through drastic changes throughout its 10-year lifespan; the narratives that surround Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies along with their value proposition have been more or less steady. Over the years, the proponents of Bitcoin have fluctuated between the asset being a Medium of Exchange and a Store of […]

the game of bitcoin

Could making a Bitcoin investment be described as a game of “monetary musical chairs”? Many people believe so, and they have done for a very long time. After all, the 21 million supply cap of game technically means there are 21 million seats available. The standoff is between those that do and don’t buy BTC. […]

As we enter the new year, we can finally exhale, as the nightmare that was the cryptocurrency market in 2018 is over. While it’s possible that it could still go south from here, the year in which the price of Bitcoin fell by 80% is over. I’m sure by now you’re well aware that Bitcoin […]

Many of our users often ask us if there are any other ways to earn bitcoin and build up a cryptocurrency portfolio. There are many ways to earn bitcoin in ways that require little to no effort. With the iCE3X trading platform, all users that create an account are given an affiliate code. This code […]

Cardano review

When considering investing in any altcoin in the crypto space, research is a must. It’s always best to get a good understanding of the coin’s background and inception. As a result, before we can go into any details about Cardano’s token currency (ADA), we will provide a brief overview of the developers behind Cardano as […]

Investing in Cardano

If you’re considering investing in Cardano, you’re in luck. Cardano’s influence on blockchain technology is steadily increasing and the platform is using its community as the main pillar that drives its agenda to an ordinary user. In doing this, they empower their community, and the brand gains popularity as stakeholders start to embrace this new […]