02May 2016
is craig wright satoshi nakamoto

Will the real Satoshi Nakamoto please stand up! Watch iceCUBED’s very own Michael Parsons weigh in on the validity of Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto; Bitcoin’s mysterious and pseudonymous creator. The interview leads into an interesting discussion on Bitcoin the invention, the Blockchain and it’s implications for finance more generally. Michael Parson’s then goes on to exemplify […]

21Aug 2014

The first Bitcoin ATM has hit the streets of Johannesburg. Rolf Deppe and business partner, Monre Botes, are the geniuses who decided to run the Lamassu Bitcoin vending machine from the new Metroman salon situated in Kyalami, Midrand. This will be the next step to tweak the interests of all hipsters for a face to face experience of Bitcoin currencies.

19Aug 2014

Africa and Bitcoin – Rhetoric V. Reality Africa is routinely cited as the region most likely to benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies. Terms like ‘the unbanked‘, ‘remittance‘ and ‘diaspora‘ are standard vocabulary for many in the Bitcoin community. Yet, despite all the hype, the technology is yet to take off in Africa in any meaningful way. The blockchain as a […]

10Mar 2014

South Africa is home to some really cool crypto projects. This one caught our attention. The Cypherfunks are an online music experiment that aims to fuse an internet band and a crypto-currency: creating some funky mutant offspring. The Cypherfunks were founded by Stellenbosch’s Simon de la Rouviere. We know Simon from around the traps. He […]

05Mar 2014

We were lucky enough to chat with Botswana’s Bitcoin Ambassador Alakanani Itireleng. Her activities have been attracting a lot of attention of late. As a close friend of iceCUBED she was happy to update us on the state of Bitcoin in Botswana.

11Jun 2013

Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Advisor. With over 25 years experience in the banking and financial industry; commercially-minded FCA with bank and internet start-up, property development, scientific (Shell Research) and other commercial experience.  How did you get into Bitcoin? I came across an article on 3 April 2012, talking about how people were buying illegal substances with […]