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05Jun 2017

Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide to Surviving the BIP 148 UASF Addressing issues connected with the approaching of BIP 148 UASF. Bitcoin might undergo a chain-split on August 1st as few of Bitcoin users plan to activate a user activated soft fork (UASF) as described in Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 148 (BIP 148). Particularly, their nodes will reject […]

30Mar 2017

ICE3X API V1 ICE3X provides access to the API via two ways: Public API: Does not require the use of authentication methods and is available via GET requests. This API does not require authorization, and is accessible through the GET request. In general, the URL for accessing the API is as follows where api_method […]

27Jul 2016

Best Ways to Use Bitcoin in Africa So you’re in South Africa, Nigeria, or somewhere in Africa. Time to actually use bitcoin. You’ve started trading Bitcoin on iceCUBEDX. Maybe you’ve earned some profit in Bitcoin. You want to try it in the ‘real world’. What are the best ways to use bitcoin, in Africa, today? […]

26Jul 2016

How to Start Trading with iceCUBEDX We launched our new exchange site with updated user experience for traders. The response has been very positive. Now it’s time to take advantage of what iceCUBEDX has to offer and start trading. @ICE3X new website is pretty groovy. 🔥🔥🔥 — Ol’ Snake Legs (@vinnehvincent) July 22, 2016 Sometimes […]

19Jul 2016

Bitcoin Transaction How To Here we’re dealing with the very basics of bitcoin use. That is, a bitcoin transaction how to. Nothing complicated here. We will simply show users how to send and receive Bitcoin between wallets. It’s a practical approach, free of jargon. For buying and selling bitcoin register with iceCUBEDX here. For a good, reliable and […]

28Jun 2016
First Bitcoin ATM in Vietnam Logo

Bitcoin ATM – What Is It? A Bitcoin ATM is a convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoins. They give a physical element to a virtual currency. Bitcoin ATMs work like conventional ATM machines, to an extent. You are probably already familiar with the process of using an ATM to get cash out. Well, with a Bitcoin […]

07Jun 2016
bitcoin mining fees

Bitcoin Mining Fees Bitcoin mining fees are incurred every time Bitcoins are sent between wallets. With an exchange like iceCUBEDX people seem to understand intuitively that, because the business needs to earn money to operate, it must charge a fee. But because bitcoin is decentralised p2p network, with no one in control, why is there […]

13Apr 2016

What is foreign exchange control? Simply put, the government manages the amount of Rand being sold on international markets. Exchange control can take many forms, but its immediate aim is to restrict the buying and selling of a national currency or to preserve foreign currency reserves. Controls might include a ban on the conversion of the […]

01Mar 2016

How to join bitcoin? One of the most frequently asked questions we get, is  from people wanting to know how to join Bitcoin! Bitcoin has created excitement all over the world since it’s inception in 2008. It has grown from strength to strength with more people who join Bitcoin revolution every day. Bitcoin is not owned by anyone, not controlled by anyone and […]

01Jan 2016
Buy with Bitcoin

Are you looking for the quickest way to buy bitcoin Nigeria? How to buy bitcoin Nigeria ? Join thousands of other bitcoin traders who have already found the quickest way to buy bitcoin our secure trading platform, and get your first bitcoins today. I love ice3x, it was as so easy and the help desk staff […]