12Aug 2016

Digital Gaming – Bitcoin and Ethereum Gambling The digital gaming industry is huge. Online gaming will be worth US$ 50 Billion by 2018. That’s a 50% increase in a decade. For Bitcoin and Ethereum, gambling is enormous! It continues to keep growing strong. SatoshiDICE used to be the only Bitcoin gambling site. It was a huge success. It used to […]

03Aug 2016

Blockchain Charity – Experimentation in China Bitcoin and blockchain technology hold great promise for charity work. Blockchain charity is an idea we could see a lot in the future. In particular blockchains could be revolutionary for the operational aspects of charity. Blockchain technology involves are transparent ledger. Everyone is able to track the usage of funds. […]

17Jun 2016
week 20 bitcoin news roundup

This week in Bitcoin Blockchain News , we started with a flurry of excitement about the Price. The week ended with a flurry of excitement about Ethereum and the DAO. Bitcoin Blockchain News on Ethereum and the DAO. What the hell happened? The DAO stands for Distributed Autonomous Organisation. It is an early attempt to […]

14Jun 2016
bitcoin block chain

Bitcoin Block Chain What is it? Bitcoin block chain and block chain generally is a new and promising technology. Block chain is the technology that makes Bitcoin work. Everyone is excited about Block chain. Mainstream finance, markets, health, art and literacy markets all have great hope for the future of this technology. Block chain is […]

03Jun 2016
bitcoin blockchain debate

The Bitcoin blockchain debate and blockchain news generally dominated the headlines again this week. The media’s bias towards blockchain technology generally, over Bitcoin specifically, is becoming well established. This is leading to some interesting debates on social media. The Bitcoin Blockchain Debate & News Round up Week 22 Bitcoin luminary Andreas Antonopoulos is an ever […]