Bitcoin Trading

15Aug 2016

Bitcoin Price Market Analysis Week 32 In this price market analysis week 32 we see the price of bitcoin is in decline again. The technical signals have been clear. There was support that formed at US$580. The price had declined well below that in trading towards the end of the week. With this we see […]

08Aug 2016

Bitcoin Price Market Analysis Week 31 Bitcoin Price Market Analysis Week 31 we look at a market in recovery. The Bitcoin price was already in significant decline prior to news of the Bitfinex hack breaking. The news of the hack only acted to exacerbate the decline. The price ultimately went as low as ZAR 6,360. Although […]

01Aug 2016

Bitcoin Market Price Trading Analysis In this week’s bitcoin market price trading analysis, the focus is on the last 72-hrs. There has seen a large sell-off in Bitcoin. The price hit a low of ZAR 8,575 after essentially trading sideways for most of the last week of July. Most of the Bitcoin press is attributing the […]

21Jul 2016

Bitcoin Price Market Analysis for Week 29 Here we look at the Bitcoin Price Market Analysis for this week. As well as detailed chart and technical analysis, we dive into some of the Macro trends influencing the markets. Bitcoin Price Market Technical Indicators Our technical analysis involves analysing support and resistance, channels and candlesticks. For […]

07Jul 2016

Bitcoin Market Price Week 27 The bitcoin market price week 27 did a continued dance with the ZAR 10,125 / BTC level throughout the week. It was mostly fluctuating between ZAR 9,900 and 10,125 level. That was until the last 24hrs of trading, when the price pulled back substantially and fell 5%, pulling back to ZAR 9,465 on current trading. […]

23Jun 2016
trading analysis week 22

Bitcoin Altcoin Price Analysis Well, as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. For bitcoin altcoin price this is true. Bitcoin’s recent bull charge was certainly big, meteoric even. Now the price is well and truly in correction mode. From it’s highs of ZAR 11,000 last week, we have retraced to ZAR 8,500 on current […]

02Jun 2016
trading analysis week 22

Bitcoin Market Trading Analysis Week 22 Price Movement In bitcoin market trading analysis week 22, as we reported earlier, this week the Bitcoin price went on a rampage. On Thursday the 27th of May the price broke through its 3,000 Yuan overhead resistance (6-month) on Chinese exchanges. This was on the back of huge volumes […]

02Sep 2015
bitcoin trading for beginners chart

Starting out as a beginner in the world of bitcoin trading can be pretty confusing. You have to do a lot of research and you need to keep up to date with the bitcoin news. Locally in South Africa, but also international news. But where do you start? This depends on your current level of […]