09Aug 2017
bitcoin rand value

BITCOIN RAND VALUE? WHY DOES BITCOIN HAVE VALUE AND HOW IS THE PRICE DETERMINED? Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular lately, probably because its price is going up all the time. But why does bitcoin have value in the first place? How can something digital and intangible have so much value? The reason that […]

22Jun 2016
bitcoin auction icon gavel

Bitcoin Auction in the News This Week Bitcoin auction as the result of forced seizure is becoming a familiar story. Our traders and clients are honest people. But bitcoin is the currency of choice for the dark web. It is unfortunate. But it is the reality. There are certain characteristics of bitcoin that make it attractive to […]

21Jun 2016
smart contract image of brain

Smart Contract? So you’re active in the Bitcoin space? You’re trading digital currencies at iceCUBEDX? Eventually you may come across the term Smart Contract. It is a common term that has grown in popularity this year, with the release of the Ethereum platform. So, what is a Smart Contract exactly? A Smart Contract is… a bit of […]

07Jun 2016
bitcoin mining fees

Bitcoin Mining Fees Bitcoin mining fees are incurred every time Bitcoins are sent between wallets. With an exchange like iceCUBEDX people seem to understand intuitively that, because the business needs to earn money to operate, it must charge a fee. But because bitcoin is decentralised p2p network, with no one in control, why is there […]

02Jun 2016
trading analysis week 22

Bitcoin Market Trading Analysis Week 22 Price Movement In bitcoin market trading analysis week 22, as we reported earlier, this week the Bitcoin price went on a rampage. On Thursday the 27th of May the price broke through its 3,000 Yuan overhead resistance (6-month) on Chinese exchanges. This was on the back of huge volumes […]

25May 2016
Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving

Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving is This Year! The Bitcoin mining reward halving, relates to the incentives on the Bitcoin network. Any network processing information needs computing power. Bitcoin is no different. A company like Visa, for example, have their own computers. So, the computing power to process transaction comes from a central point; the company. Bitcoin is decentralised. There […]

24May 2016
Hungary Bans Encryption images

Hungary Bans Encryption and Freedom v Security If Hungary bans encryption, there will be winners and losers. Encryption has fallen under scrutiny in the ongoing battle to keep citizens safe. Europe, having recently fallen victim to several devastating attacks, feels particularly vulnerable. Political leaders are seeking to find a balance between security and privacy. It […]

18May 2016
thunder network for instant bitcoin

Thunder Network Gives Bitcoin Visa Scale. Bitcoin has scaling issues. Currently the network can support around 7 transactions per second. The Thunder Network seeks to fix this. This has caused a lot of debate. Many would like to see Bitcoin scale globally. To achieve this, it would need to process many more transactions. There are a […]

13Apr 2016

What is foreign exchange control? Simply put, the government manages the amount of Rand being sold on international markets. Exchange control can take many forms, but its immediate aim is to restrict the buying and selling of a national currency or to preserve foreign currency reserves. Controls might include a ban on the conversion of the […]