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  • Investors buy NEO because of leading market cap and the active community in bear markets
  • Smart contracts are some of the lowest hanging fruit in the cryptocurrency industry
  • NEO supports multiple programming languages
  • Positive trends compared to bitcoin, in contrast with other altcoins that lose value
  • They make decentralisation a key focus

NEO Cryptocurrency

Why buy Neo? Because Neo has shown its community that it still remains a crypto worth buying, with actions, and not promises. Not only is NEO known as the Chinese Ethereum, but they are also known as one of the most active blockchain companies. Investors see a great opportunity in NEO. They see the decentralised governance as worth investing in. During the past months, we have seen spectacular fluctuation in the market. Although true, the markets did show some renewed life and there is a kind of excitement present amongst investors. Neo is gaining new trust and confidence.

5 Reasons to Buy NEO

1. The Bitcoin Magnet

A good reason to buy NEO (and not be ignored) is the fact that is was stable during the first half of 2018 bitcoin crash. The downward trend could have given more than one investor an ulcer. With this observation and the general mood in the crypto markets, it will be unwise to ignore the NEO buy signals. This crypto is ready to take full advantage of the market conditions and is currently a tasty BUY due to its undervalued trading price. Neo is moving with stealthy traction. Naysayers who assert that NEO is a lessor crypto, do not do the coin justice. This is because they offer different unique solutions to separate problems. NEO history shows us that it follows Bitcoin, rather than contract. In a bear market, it becomes a haven for altcoin deserters.

2. Smart Contracts

The focus of NEO on smart contracts (of which there is a lot of interest and advantages in) sets it apart from vanilla ICO offerings. Smart contracts which provide a set of programmed rules, that can be automatically performed and are therefore much faster.

3. Support for programming languages

Supporting a lot more programming languages differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies. The importance of this is that plenty of companies can use the network of smart contracts in their own systems. With more companies using NEO, cryptocurrency use will increase, which is good value for the coin.

4. Track Record

A fourth reason why it is time to buy NEO right now is the past performance of the coin. During the bull run of late 2017 and early 2018 NEO succeeded to stay on par with bitcoin and have not fallen behind since. Although this was a very anxious time for the currency, it survives and is performing well.

Most coins wither and die before they reach the 1 billion mark, NEO is here to stay – @dahongfei

5. Focus on Decentralisation

Lastly, a good reason to invest in NEO, is the news that the platform has started decentralization. The Neo foundation announced in July they would elect a new consensus node that will kick-start a new era of decentralization. The City of Zion operates the candidate node. It ran successfully for six months, before being elected as the new consensus node. City of Zion (CoZ) is an independent, international group of open source developers working on NEO blockchain. As decentralization kicks off, so do the possibilities of actually achieving a global smart economy.
The coin has a strong community with a market cap of $ 1 201 011 516. This translates into a good active community with volume (24h ) $ 51 490 373 as of the writing.

What can go wrong?

Everything in life is not rosy. After all, you would not be reading this post if it was that easy to simply buy a coin and become rich overnight. Making money in any new industry is down to having knowledge which others don’t have. I am not referring to Gordon Gekko type maneuvring. Very few people are aware of the opportunity which cryptocurrency provide as a wealth creation mechanism, so by simply having a few basic criteria to qualify your cryptocurrency investments, you can be one step ahead. (When you are out hunting and the lions are prowling, you don’t need to be fast, you just need to be faster than the slowest guy in your group, and you are good 🙂

Negative Comments about NEO

Like any cryptocurrency or even just start-up, NEO has its share of negative publicity. It makes for interesting reading on Reddit but does not really give any indication as to the value of NEO. There are no real investment experts willing to stake a reputation and the industry is simply too young. There are no historical models which to build off. NEO will, by and large, follow a similar trajectory to Ethereum, with the added benefit of hindsight.

NEO Will Survive the So-called Alt Apocalypse from NEO

There are very little negative things to say about NEO that does not apply to all cryptocurrency investments. One issue could be that regulation in China may adversely impact on the NEO platform if it does not achieve decentralisation first.

Where to buy/trade/exchange NEO

iCE3 provides the exchange platform where you can buy, sell, withdraw, deposit, trade, and exchange NEO for South African Rand or Bitcoin.

NEO the not so new kid on the block is ready to rise to the challenge and become the cryptocurrency of choice.

The verdict on whether you should buy NEO

The conclusion is that the above reasons are just a few things that should prompt any wise investor to buy some NEO as we wait for the next bull run. There are 2 choices you can make: Firstly you can decide to go along with the project, holding for a year or two, or you can set a profit level to achieve, and then cash out during next bull run.

The outlook for NEO is positive as it is more likely to outperform its competitors than NOT!

Please do your own research and consider your personal investment criteria before making any quick decisions.

What criteria do you measure your investments against? Do you currently have a cryptocurrency investment portfolio? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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This article is intended to educate and should in no way be seen as investment advice or an enticement to use the platform. Bitcoin is highly volatile with big profit opportunities but you should also remember that you could lose part or all of your investment whenever you take part in any high risk investment. Bitcoin trading is not a regulated industry in South Africa, which in itself carries additional risks. IF YOU ARE NOT AN ASTUTE BITCOIN TRADER, SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENTS.


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