BTC China adds Litecoin Trading

Litecoin Trading Comes to BTC China

iceCUBED was one of the world’s first stable, national exchanges to offer Litecoin trading to its customers.

As a result, South Africans are in a unique and enviable position; able to easily trade both Litecoin and Bitcoin through a trusted local exchange.

We were joined by some very auspicious company recently, when BTC China added Litecoin trading to its platform. BTC China are one of the most stable, powerful and largest exchanges in China, where Chinese citizens can trade with complete confidence.

The news was greeted with significant excitement from the crypto-currency space.

Litecoin is the second most popular coin with a significant support base, developer community, network and market share. Litecoin is currently the number one coin for mining. This all add to its strength.

Consumer and merchant recognition and acceptance are growing for Litecoin.

Naturally BTC China are very pleased to introduce trading of the coin on their platform. Bitcoin grew tremendously in 2013 and Litecoin even more so, reaching a peak valuation of almost US$ 50 per LTC and a total market cap exceeding US$ 1 billion.

BTC China adds Litecoin Trading

Litecoin has continued to gain recognition. Though it should be noted that BTC China was not the first Chinese exchange to offer Litecoin trading.

OKCoin is a Chinese exchange offering Litecoin trading for some time. As reputable exchanges adopt the Liteccoin globally it will boost its standing.

BTC China is known for its user experience and service quality. Things that we at iceCUBED also pride ourselves on. If you’re in South Africa and interested in trading Bitcoin and/or Litecoin then click here.

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