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Cryptocurrency truly is  unstoppable. There is no scenario that can be played out where the invention of crypto currencies completely goes away. Any attempts by Governments or large institutions to completely stop it would be laughable. Sure, they can stifle it but they can’t stop it. Cryptocurrencies are an invention that, now invented, cannot be […]

[youtube=] There are incredible opportunities to generate wealth with Litecoin. With some hard work, a lot of research and a good grasp of numbers, Litecoin can be an invaluable opportunity for Traders and Miners! This video puts the numbers in to perspective: providing us with examples of the people already taking advantage of these glorious […]

Want to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin in South Africa? Now you can trade Bitcoin and Litecoin for Rand using your South African bank account. Sign up now to be a part of the fastest growing technology of all time. A quick video: How to create an account with iceCUBED. [youtube=] For more videos click here

We’re pleased to officially announce our first competition, open to all South Africans. Win R1,000 worth of Bitcoin paid into your iceCUBED account by writing a 500 word article entitled: “How I would use Bitcoin to solve a typical South African problem”. We are running this in partnership with – for registration and full details […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR Just a little extra something from us to you. The last bitcoin trade for 2013 will have a special bonus for the buyer and seller! The BUYER account will receive a lifetime trading commission rate of just 0.75%. The SELLER account will receive a lifetime trading commission rate of just 0.5%.