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Why iceCUBED added Litecoin trading. This decision was made for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, demand was there from the community. It’s not our job to lecture people about the virtues of different coins. We do however recognise that the cost of entering the bitcoin mining market is significant. Many miners in South Africa already […]

The illustrious Richard Branson has announced officially that his company Virgin Galactic will accept payment for space travel in Bitcoin! Yes you heard correctly. [youtube=] Need we say more …?

At the Bitcoin Senate Hearing on virtual currencies many thought Bitcoin was in for a beating, strangely enough the sentiment has turned quite positive and it seems that there is now a genuine respect for the much publicised internet currency.

Here we go again on the crazy train that is Bitcoin The price of Bitcoin is trading at R3,000 – R4,000 – depending on the chart. Media is buzzing with ‘experts’ predicting bubbles, implosions, explosions and other types of  ‘-sions’.