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Economics can often seem like a bland melodrama. Experts use figures and financial jargon to confuse. It’s an arena where men in suits beguile with puzzling terminology. Economics is mind numbingly boring to most, but it’s a subject that should be better understood. After all, money does make the world go round.

Mozilla enters smartphone market. Mozilla’s $25 smartphone is at prototype stage. It represents a significant shift for the company.  The product will enter a new segment of the market; ‘feature phones’. These phones are positioned as a compromise between expensive full feature smart-phones and increasingly outdated dumb-phones.This ‘cheap smartphone’ concept will be targeted towards consumers in the […]

Below is our official response: Bitcoin is Healthy The state of the Bitcoin network is strong. The Bitcoin ecosystem is as healthy as ever. As a protocol, allowing for a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency, Bitcoin is distributed amongst all its users. Like similar technologies, such as the internet, the Bitcoin system is greater than […]

[youtube= width=”100%”] The advantage of Bitcoin for Retailers is obvious. But why would a consumer use Bitcoin? recently became the first major US retailer to start accepting Bitcoin. No doubt they saw advantages, for their revenue and business.   This has opened the floodgates. Other major retailers have started accepting Bitcoin. Tiger Direct is another retailer that has jumped on board. Obviously encouraged by Overstock’s huge success. Since integrating Bitcoin into […]

Bitcoin is often understood as the Gold to Litecoin’s Silver. Conceptually this is an easy way to understand it. There are some similarities. Also, it is easy to connect to this idea and understand it in this way. However, both Bitcoin and Litecoin are intangible and have the same non-monetary utility. Whereas gold and silver […]