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News24 & iceCUBED. It seems the South Africa press is standing up and taking note of iceCUBED. With the Rand value in free fall people are coming to our exchange looking to preserve their wealth. Read the full story here. “A perfect storm has formed and the Rand continues its plummet. The key factors contributing […]

It’s not that Bitcoin has a bad image in Africa. It has no image at all. The potential of Bitcoin in Africa is often cited. But the issues to overcome are real and routinely glossed over. The first step is clearly good PR. A solid image will form the groundwork. It’s only by supporting local […]

Bitcoin and Civilization After studying the rise and fall of as many documented civilisations as he could Karl Marx  postulated that the current iteration of civilisation ‘western imperialistic capitalism’ would need to saturate every corner of the globe before it peaked and began it’s eventual decline. What he was able to prove; was that 100% […]

The recent proliferation of Bitcoin conferences events has been incredible. Social and networking events are now commonplace worldwide. Bitcoin is a platform for assigning and transacting a digital asset without requiring any central concentrations of responsibility. The genius is only starting to be realised.