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It’s easy these days to categorise something as “bad”. Find some influencer to say “this is bad” and many people will follow them blindly. It’s human nature: “monkey see, monkey do”, or as others would say, people are “sheep”. Just because the leader goes in one direction is enough for the rest to follow mindlessly. […]

How to Start Using the iCE3X API

iCE3X offers an API which let developers create apps and programs to interact with our exchange. In this article, we are going to explain what an API is exactly and give you some steps to start using our API. What is an API? The term API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. This acronym may sound […]

Bitcoin, a word that may be almost every person that has a touch with a PC have heard at least once. Some heard a lot. Others did the research. Got involved. Invested. Lost money. Made a fortune and many, many, life-changing stories. What we are going to talk this time is what actually the purpose […]