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We live in a world where we have our surroundings, companies and more importantly our families. Like everyone else, their opinion matters to us. When it comes to cryptocurrency there are so many floating pieces of information, either on the internet, radio or even on the TV. Nonetheless, most of them are negative, saying that […]

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The modern Gold Rush is Bitcoin BTC mining. It does not involve pickaxes or pans though. We are not looking for actual nuggets of gold. Bitcoin mining is about trying to obtain digital gold. Bitcoin mining involves using high-power computers to solve insanely complex maths problems. Like gold prospecting, there is a huge amount of […]

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Facebook Coin is already in the minds of a lot of the general public. During June 2019, Facebook announces that they are developing and will release their own cryptocurrency. They call it Libra. Facebook’s Libra announcement is already making waves and could be the reason behind the large rally of Bitcoin during July. However, Libra […]

What is your Trading Style?

When we talk about trading, there is not just one way to do it. There are many different trading styles. In this article, we will explore these styles, how they differ and which one could be the best for you. The act of trading involves the buying and selling of securities looking to profit from […]