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Win BAC2020 Tickets x 2 What is BAC2020? BAC2020 is the Premier Blockchain Conference in Africa. Bitcoin Events, organisers of the annual blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences in South Africa, since 2015 is hosting its 6th annual conference. The event, Blockchain Africa Conference 2020, is on the 11 and 12 March 2020 in Sandton, Johannesburg. The […]


Proof of Keys is the Birthday celebration for the blockchain and the freedom it brings. The bitcoin blockchain roared to life 11 years ago on 3 January 2009. Today marks the official birthday of the bitcoin blockchain which many users around the world celebrate by participating in the Proof of Keys movement. As usual, we […]

SARS crypto tax

Worried about Crypto Tax? Trying to figure out what you have to pay ? Is crypto tax a real thing? The South African Revenue Service (SARS) – the equivalent of the United States of America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – says digital assets are taxable. In particular they say that existing South African tax law […]

2020 Bitcoin Halving

What’s happening during the Bitcoin Halving 2020? The bitcoin halving 2020 is around the corner and is likely to hit headlines again soon. This event is scheduled to happen about every 4 years, more specifically, every 210 000 blocks. The halving will cause the reward for mining bitcoin to be reduced by 50%. The current […]

Ballet Crypto Featured Image

What is Ballet Crypto? Ballet Crypto is a non-electronic cryptocurrency hardware wallet and is the brainchild of Bobby Lee. A crypto OG, Bobby is best known for his work as Founder of the Chinese Bitcoin Exchange – BTCChina. The idea behind this wallet is that you can receive Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies such as […]


What does bitcoin have to do with Sound? Well, nothing (except for being sound money of course!). As a result of this Ultra Sound & Vision in South Africa now incentivise clients to pay in Bitcoin. Ultra Sound & Vision do this through discounts which they apply when using bitcoin to pay for any purchase. […]