25Jul 2016

Bitcoin FIBRE Network The Bitcoin FIBRE network stands for Fast Internet Bitcoin Relay Engine. It is an upgrade to the ‘Bitcoin Relay Network’. When a block is mined on the Bitcoin network it has to be sent and received by all the others users (nodes) on the network. As the Bitcoin network has grown it […]

22Jul 2016

Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup – Week 29 In this week’s Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup Week 29 we’re all about the Blockchain. The Bitcoin market has been quiet since the halving. The price has been trading sideways. Further, there is little on Bitcoin in the news. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Boring can be […]

21Jul 2016

Bitcoin Price Market Analysis for Week 29 Here we look at the Bitcoin Price Market Analysis for this week. As well as detailed chart and technical analysis, we dive into some of the Macro trends influencing the markets. Bitcoin Price Market Technical Indicators Our technical analysis involves analysing support and resistance, channels and candlesticks. For […]

19Jul 2016

Bitcoin Transaction How To Here we’re dealing with the very basics of bitcoin use. That is, a bitcoin transaction how to. Nothing complicated here. We will simply show users how to send and receive Bitcoin between wallets. It’s a practical approach, free of jargon. For buying and selling bitcoin register with iceCUBEDX here. For a good, reliable and […]

18Jul 2016

SolidX Bitcoin ETF Application SolidX Partners recently filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the US, for its new SolidX Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). This would make bitcoin available to traditional investors. SolidX is a blockchain software company with a capital markets division. It is this capital division that is responsible for […]

15Jul 2016

Bitcoin News Roundup Week 28 In this weeks Bitcoin news roundup week 28 they key headlines revolve around the post halving market, blockchain applications going mainstream and the continued efforts of mainstream banking and finance to engage and develop blockchain technology. The Post Halving Market The Bitcoin mining reward halved over the previous weekend. While the […]

14Jul 2016

Bitcoin Altcoin Trader Market Key Weekly News Events: In our Bitcoin Altcoin trader market analysis for week 2 we start with the key news event directly affecting the market. This was the block reward halving. We reported on this extensively leading up to the event. The reward from mining a bitcoin is now 12.5 BTC, […]

13Jul 2016

Steemit Platform is the New Kid on the Blockchain There is a new social media kid on the block chain. It is taking the internet by storm. Meet the Steemit Platform. For a long-time developers have experimented with different monetisation models for online content. Ads are annoying. Hence the existence of adblockers. Paywalls are tedious and also wildly unpopular. Since the invention […]

11Jul 2016

Post Bitcoin Halving and Anti-Climax We’ve been writing about the Bitcoin halving a lot, into its lead-up. It occurs only once every 4 years. It’s kind of like the olympics for Bitcoin. It’s rare and significant and there are huge celebrations because of it. The implications for the network itself are potentially significant. Implications on […]