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what is ln

The lightning network has earned a reputation of being one of the most potent solutions to the scaling problems faced by cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. Effectively, the Lightning Network acts as a second layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain. This layer is used to transact Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies much faster and […]

btc lighining network

With a bear market lasting as long as this one has; it’s a great opportunity to look around for more business opportunities within the crypto space. Once we experience the next bull run, emphasis will revert back to the price alone. The focus on innovating new ideas will reduce, leaning towards making a profit on […]

Lighning network to cash app

The lightning network, a solution to bitcoin’s scaling problems may soon be available almost everywhere. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced his plans to integrate the Lightning Network with Square’s mobile app ‘Cash App’ Lightning Network Adoption Square CEO and Bitcoin-oriented startup Lightning Labs investor Jack Dorsey stated in an interview with known […]

stablecoins, what is this?

Stablecoins have been rising in popularity recently. These cryptocurrencies have their value pegged to another stable asset such as gold or the U.S dollar. The benefit of this is the ability to use the coin for practical use such as everyday purchases. An Answer to Volatility for Stablecoins Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin […]


Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have been enduring a 13-month long bear market following the initial bull run of 2017. However, this hasn’t stopped the bitcoin enthusiasts and general supporters from gearing up in bullish preparation for the next one. Bitcoin has shed over 80% of its price since it hit its ATH in December […]