13Jul 2016

Steemit Platform is the New Kid on the Blockchain There is a new social media kid on the block chain. It is taking the internet by storm. Meet the Steemit Platform. For a long-time developers have experimented with different monetisation models for online content. Ads are annoying. Hence the existence of adblockers. Paywalls are tedious and also wildly unpopular. Since the invention […]

11Jul 2016

Post Bitcoin Halving and Anti-Climax We’ve been writing about the Bitcoin halving a lot, into its lead-up. It occurs only once every 4 years. It’s kind of like the olympics for Bitcoin. It’s rare and significant and there are huge celebrations because of it. The implications for the network itself are potentially significant. Implications on […]

08Jul 2016
ICEX Airbitz Wallet Partnership Logo

ICE3X Airbitz Wallet Partnership – Press Release We’re pleased and proud to announce our ICE3X Airbitz Wallet Partnership. Airbitz is an independent service. This partnership will lead to some exciting products in the future. More details about the products we’re working will follow these coming months. Our CEO Gareth Grobler had this to say about the […]

08Jul 2016

Bitcoin News Roundup Week 27 In this Bitcoin News Roundup Week 27 we cover the bitcoin network reward halving. We also look at news from around the world. The EU, US, UK and North Carolina all extend their exposure to Blockchain technology. Bitcoin Halving Update The bitcoin reward halving is mere hours away. Speculation is rife […]

07Jul 2016

Bitcoin Market Price Week 27 The bitcoin market price week 27 did a continued dance with the ZAR 10,125 / BTC level throughout the week. It was mostly fluctuating between ZAR 9,900 and 10,125 level. That was until the last 24hrs of trading, when the price pulled back substantially and fell 5%, pulling back to ZAR 9,465 on current trading. […]

06Jul 2016

The Bitcoin Halving Approaches The bitcoin halving approaches. This is an important event that we have written about the bitcoin halving event before. Essentially, bitcoins come into existence via a process called mining, at a predictable rate. At the moment that is 25 bitcoins approximately every 10 minutes. That figure halves every 4 years. So, in […]

05Jul 2016

Does Bitcoin Have Value? Of course! But Why? Why does bitcoin have value? This is a question that is often asked. For many it is difficult to understand how something that only exists virtually can have any value at all. It is as if the tangible nature of money, or any object, is what gives […]

04Jul 2016

Bitcoin China Law China is the largest market for Bitcoin. Most trading volume is done in Yuan, through China based exchanges. Further, most of the network’s hashing power comes from China based miners. However Bitcoin China law remains mostly unclear. China has strong capital controls, enforced by its heavily centralised Government. For this reason, Bitcoin […]

01Jul 2016

Bitcoin News Roundup Week 26 Bitcoin News Roundup All About Segwit In this news roundup we cover Segregated Witness and the Ethereum DAO saga. Depending on who you speak to, Bitcoin may or may not be plagued by scaling issues. There are 2 camps actually. One side says that Bitcoin’s 1mb block-size is unnecessarily restrictive. […]