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btc lightning network

Remember the lightning network? There was a lot of hype surrounding it initially, though upon release it was simply too buggy to operate. If you’re not a fan of the Lightning network and have only heard small bits and pieces about it, fear not. You may be surprised to know that even despite the negative […]

Cardano Valuation

Cardano is the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain in the cryptocurrency space. The Cardano project began in 2015, developed by Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK). This nonprofit foundation is a network of scientists and academics from several different universities. These include the University of Edinburgh and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. This team often doing a peer-review […]

black friday

Summer is sizzling. With the holiday season on top of us, we feel as though our users deserve a reward for being loyal iCE3X customers! As a result, we have decided to do a Black Friday event! The annual sales will be in full swing soon, and many of our favorite retailers like Takealot and Pick-a-Pay […]

Cardano review

When considering investing in any altcoin in the crypto space, research is a must. It’s always best to get a good understanding of the coin’s background and inception. As a result, before we can go into any details about Cardano’s token currency (ADA), we will provide a brief overview of the developers behind Cardano as […]