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btc and lightning

Scalability has always been a huge concern for Bitcoin users. In fact, when bitcoin was first proposed in a whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008; this concern was still upheld. Does the Bitcoin Lightning network prove as a solution to this issue? The Scalability Dilemma Bitcoin’s lightning network has been quietly scaling for mainstream […]

crypto scam history

Not all the people who end up pulling off cryptocurrency scams are amoral businessmen or investors. Many crypto scammers are just plain old con artists and fraudsters. When you go to the market to buy a hat, you get a hat. When you send money to buy Ethereum (or any token for that matter) you […]

cryptocurrency 2018 round up

Wasnt 2018 supposed to be the highly anticipated new year we were all waiting for? What happened? 2018 started off with a bang that shook nations around the world. Since the BTC price shot up in 2017, it was almost as if everyone and their mother heard about cryptocurrency markets. Be that as it may, […]

cryptocurrency at 2019

Bitcoin’s valuation being $6,000 was an important level to many people in the crypto space. Miners, ICOs and crypto hedge funds alike all relied on the price to stabilize at that level. When that resistance level broke, many things changed for the market environment. What happened at $6,000? Bitcoin (BTC) traded sideways at around $6,000 […]