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duck hunt game

With the Lightning Network growing in popularity by the day, we are releasing a set of Lightning Network Games on iCE3X! Now everyone is able to play games while trying out the Bitcoin Lightning Network! Lightning Network Games? If you’re wondering what a Lightning Network game is, you’re not alone. The lightning network is still […]

Privacy Coin

Privacy coins occupy a much-needed niche within the cryptocurrency space. Many of the early cryptocurrency adopters consider privacy coins to be essential. Many people incorrectly refer to Bitcoin as anonymous, though due to the blockchain, it’s inherently public. The minute a Bitcoin (BTC) address is linking to a user, their whole transaction history is essentially […]

Since Lightning Labs released beta version 0.4 of the Lightning Network Daemon (LND); the Bitcoin Lightning Network has been growing at lightning fast speeds and has seen implementation into many different use cases. According to data from 1ML, a Lightning Network analytics startup company, the number of channels, nodes and the total network capacity in […]

Bitcoin Women's Day

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic number of milestones achieved by the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. People from all over the world, both male and female, have made ground-breaking innovations in the industry. In the spirit of international women’s day, we’ve decided to show just how amazing you all are. Women and […]