What is bitVoucha?

A bitVoucha is similar to a gift voucher that you might buy for someone, except that its for cryptocurrency, and the voucher comes from your balance on the iceCUBED exchange.

bitVoucha is an e-voucher for cryptocurrency that is exclusive to the iceCUBED Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. Verified users on the exchange can issue and redeem a bitVoucha in the Vouchers area in the Account section of the iceCUBED exchange platform.

How does it work?

You need to have a positive cryptocurrency balance on the exchange before you can create a bitVoucha from that balance. A verified user on the exchange can create a bitVoucha which is debited from their crypto balance. The user on the iceCUBED cryptocurrency exchange who redeems the bitVoucha will have their balance credited with the cryptocurrency sent in the bitVoucha they received.

Who is bitVoucha for?

bitVoucha is for anyone who would like to give some cryptocurrency to someone else who might not yet have a wallet. It is a way for someone to transfer cryptocurrency to another for zero transaction fees.

bitVoucha Fees?

There are no fees to create, send or redeem a bitVoucha, this is a free service for iceCUBED exchange users.

Video Demo how to create or redeem a bitVoucha


A bitVoucha can be redeemed by any user of the iceCUBED exchange, but only a verified account can withdraw funds from the exchange.