Bitcoin women? Who or What on earth are they, never you mind where?

If you’re into bitcoin, I can virtually guarantee, you find yourself in a girl free zone…

If you’re the kind of guy who wants a riotous time away from female scrutiny or just a little head space to create your fortune, then this post is not for you. But, if on the contrary, you’re wondering where all those of us with XX in our DNA lurk, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re hoping to profile bitcoin women – a soothing site ( sorry I mean sight) for sore eyes spent gazing at a computer or mobile screen. So here’s Ice3x’s first round up.

bitcoin womanThere is probably no bigger name in the economics of the internet and digital currencies than, Susan Athey. Not yet 40 she has graced the quads and lecture halls of, amongst others, Stanford and Harvard . However, that would not make her unique. What’s unique is that she is the first woman to receive the John Bates Clark Medal, thereby joining a group that includes 12 Nobel Prize winners and two White House chief economists.

But academia was always going to be too small a world for her. In the past decade of awe-inspiring activity number-crunching, her name has been linked to many key Silicon Valley businesses. Right now. for instance, she is on the founding board of Ripple Laboratories

Lets fly South in our quest to find more candidates for bitcoin women

Next stop Brazil. Here there’s a media group intending to to put bitcoin on the world map by staging the world’s first virtual bitcoin expo – the inspired idea of Diana Marcela Holguin Lopera who advises on bitcoin security and investment issues.

picture of bitcoin woman Diana Marcela Holguin Lopera

The inaugural event will connect thousands of people and businesses who understand the Bitcoin economy and its transformational possibilities. Those who attend are writing the next page of economic and social history.

a bitcoin womanAt the other side of the world is a dynamic duo who have founded the Women’s Annex in Afghanistan. Together Roya Mahboob and Fereshtech Forough make a formidable force; they fell into bitcoin after realising it was an excellent way to help empower women in their area. In her own right, Roya Mahboob is founder and CEO of Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC). Through ACSC, Roya helps facilitate more jobs for recent graduates, especially young women, and helps them find opportunities in the IT market.


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