Bitcoin users are destroying their Apple products.

This is in reaction to Apple’s stance on Bitcoin. Apple products have not really done innovation for a while. They benefited from a revival in the late nineties, under Steve Jobs’ leadership.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, they grew from near Bankruptcy to the most profitable company on earth in a very short period of time. Apple products became hot.

However, over the least few years, they have been reduced to incremental increases and upgrades on existing product lines. They have lost their revolutionary zeal.

Their most successful revival was a direct result of dramatic innovation. Apple became know for sniffing out stagnant industries and shaking them up with revolutionary new products and approaches.

Since then Apple has become the kind of tech. giant that it once sought to disrupt and destroy. The proverbial hunter has become the hunted.

It should be no surprise then that they have banned any and all Bitcoin applications from their App store. They are afraid of the disruptive potential of an open source Bitcoin.

They are protecting their bottom line. The reaction of the Bitcoin community should also be expected.

Youtube has become very entertaining with this ‘Destroy your iPhone’ Campaign. Enjoy!

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