Bitcoin Transaction How To

Here we’re dealing with the very basics of bitcoin use. That is, a bitcoin transaction how to.

Nothing complicated here. We will simply show users how to send and receive Bitcoin between wallets. It’s a practical approach, free of jargon.

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How To Send a Bitcoin

When sending a bitcoin you are simply updating ledger entries.

You are sending a instruction to the network; decrease my ledger entry by 1 bitcoin. And, at the same time, increase the receiver’s ledger entry by 1 bitcoin.

Instead of using people’s name, the bitcoin network uses Cryptographic address. They look like this: 1PZ5ebvdt43dvRRgRNgBhsq2PwAKN4X6W

They always start with the number 1.

So, you will see 2 field when you open your wallet: Amount and Pay to. This is really all the information you need to send a Bitcoin.

Put the address in the ‘To’ section. And the amount of Bitcoin to send, in the ‘Amount’ section.

Bitcoin Transaction How To

You may also recognise these weird things:

Bitcoin Transaction How To

They are called QR codes. They are a visual representation of a bitcoin address.

They make it easy to transfer long, complicated bitcoin addresses between devices. Because you can scan them with your phone’s camera.

How To Receive a Bitcoin

To receive a bitcoin, someone merely needs to send it to you. To send you a bitcoin the other person just needs to know your address.

The easiest way to give that to them is via a QR code. They can scan that and the address will appear into their phone.

Then they send the bitcoin to that address and it will appear in your wallet. Simple, isn’t it.

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