Bitcoin Trading School

Learn How to Trade with iceCUBED Bitcoin Trading School

Our Bitcoin Trading School is based on the belief that trading education is super important, especially for beginners.

At iceCUBED we firmly believe that, to get the most out of our platform, education is key. This is why we’re releasing this Trading School series.

Here we will take you through, from beginner to advanced, everything you need for a complete Bitcoin and Altcoin trading education.

Bitcoin Trading School

Knowledge builds on itself. From beginning to end, we will take you by the hand and build on your knowledge, gradually.

Our aim is to equip you with the training and special skills you need to become a successful trader on iceCUBED and in digital currency markets.

The Bitcoin Trading School

Schooling will start where it always started, pre-school. Like we said, knowledge builds on itself.

Sorry to break it to you, but you have to start at the beginning. This is where you learn the very basics.

This leads right through to Kindergarten. There, the training wheels are removed. You’ll learn  different means of analysing Bitcoin and Altcoin markets generally.

Upon graduating from Kindergarten, it’s time for Elementary school. There you will begin to learn about technical analysis (not as intimidating as it sounds).

Bitcoin Trading School 1

In this course we aim to cover all key aspects of trading Bitcoin and Altcoin markets.

After completing our course you should be able to spot great trading opportunities, time the market, and know when to close a position.

We’ll also help you identify the ‘lowest hanging fruit’. That is, those trades that provide the easiest profit opportunities, with the lowest risk.

We hope that by the time you finish the course you’ll feel a more happy, confident trader. The world of Bitcoin and Altcoin trading is exciting and dynamic. It is not for the faint-hearted or mentally ill-equipped. There are very unique opportunities to both make, and lose, a lot of money.

Now, if that hasn’t scared you off, stop sucking your thumb! Let’s start pre-school already.

Bitcoin Trading School Course Outline:

  1. Preschool Lessons
    1. What is Bitcoin.
    2. Why Trade Bitcoin.
    3. Who Trades Bitcoin.
    4. When Can You Trade Bitcoin.
    5. How to Make Money Trading Bitcoin.
    6. The Mechanics of Trading.
  2. Kindergarten Lessons
    1. Charts and Data.
    2. Indicators.
  3. Elementary School
    1. Support and Resistance.
    2. Japanese Candlesticks and Trading.
    3. Fibonacci Trading.
    4. Moving Averages.

Happy Learning.