Be the first user to trade bitcoin for over 200k on iCE3X exchange and win a free Trading Fee Discount Plan valid for the rest of the month!

bitcoin 200k in South Africa


The price of bitcoin has been climbing all day, starting at around R176000 for a bitcoin and now drawing closer to the R200000 mark! Be the first customer to trade bitcoin at a price of R200 000 at iCE3X exchange in South Africa to qualify for the prize.

trading fee discount plan


We are giving away a Trading Fee Discount Plan of 0.5% trading fee discount for the rest of the month. This means that if you were paying 0.85% trading fees for bitcoin, then with your discount of 0.5%, you will pay a total of 0.35% trading fees for the rest of the month.

The Trading Fee Discount Plan will be valid on all markets on the iceCUBED exchange. This means that on other markets such as the Ethereum / Rand market, for example, you might be already on 0.5% trading fees, so with your discount, will be on 0% fees for the rest of the month!


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