Bitcoin School

Welcome to the part of our website that we call the ‘bitcoin school‘ because this is where you can learn more about bitcoin. Please read through our educational posts about bitcoin and the blockchain. Educate yourself on bitcoin technology today.

While people get in a froth about the future price of bitcoin, there are many other interesting developments occurring in the digital currency world. iCE3X implemented Ripple into its exchange system because of the belief that Ripple may end up causing an even more explosive change on society’s relationship to money than bitcoin. In October, […]

Buy with Bitcoin

Are you looking for the quickest way to buy bitcoin South Africa? How to buy bitcoin South Africa ? Join thousands of other bitcoin traders who have already found the quickest way to buy bitcoin our secure trading platform, and get your first bitcoins today. I love ice3x, it was as so easy and the help desk […]

How to join bitcoin? One of the most frequently asked questions we get, is  from people wanting to know how to join Bitcoin! Bitcoin has created excitement all over the world since it’s inception in 2008. It has grown from strength to strength with more people who join Bitcoin revolution every day. Bitcoin is not owned by anyone, not controlled by anyone and […]

Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving

Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving is This Year! The Bitcoin mining reward halving, relates to the incentives on the Bitcoin network. Any network processing information needs computing power. Bitcoin is no different. A company like Visa, for example, have their own computers. So, the computing power to process transaction comes from a central point; the company. Bitcoin is decentralised. There […]

Trading Analysis Week 21

Trading Analysis Week 21 Trading Analysis Week 21 shows the Bitcoin price has been trending higher in the latter part of this week. This is after a brief pull-back earlier in the week to the sub ZAR 6,740 range. The longer term bullish trend has returned. The speculative sentiment supports the longer-term trend. We could […]

Trading Analysis Week 21

Bitcoin Altcoin Trader Price Analysis In our Bitcoin Altcoin trader price analysis we can see the bull is back, and he’s firmly in charge. Bitcoin hit an almost 2-year high this week, reaching as high as ZAR 9,000 in trading. In US dollar markets it Bitcoin almost broke through its key overhead resistance at USD 600 […]

Trading Analysis Week 21

Bitcoin Altcoin Trader Weekly Market Analysis If you’re a Bitcoin Altcoin trader you have to be excited. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel at the moment. Everything just keeps going up. Bitcoin Market and Price Analysis It has already smashed through some barriers we told our traders to watch. So again, further gains seem […]

trading analysis week 22

Bitcoin Altcoin Price Analysis Well, as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. For bitcoin altcoin price this is true. Bitcoin’s recent bull charge was certainly big, meteoric even. Now the price is well and truly in correction mode. From it’s highs of ZAR 11,000 last week, we have retraced to ZAR 8,500 on current […]

bitcoin china

Bitcoin China and the Price Bitcoin China is a significant market. It is arguably the most important market. Most bitcoin trading volume is done in Chinese Yuan. Further, a large proportion of the mining is also in China. iceCUBEDX is a key exchange player in Africa. We keep track of our counterparts in other key markets. [email protected]‘s @BobbycLee: […]

Bitcoin Market Price Week 27 The bitcoin market price week 27 did a continued dance with the ZAR 10,125 / BTC level throughout the week. It was mostly fluctuating between ZAR 9,900 and 10,125 level. That was until the last 24hrs of trading, when the price pulled back substantially and fell 5%, pulling back to ZAR 9,465 on current trading. […]