Bitcoin School

Welcome to the part of our website that we call the ‘bitcoin school‘ because this is where you can learn more about bitcoin. Please read through our educational posts about bitcoin and the blockchain. Educate yourself on bitcoin technology today.

bitcoin replacing fiat

While it’s true the cryptocurrency space has gone through drastic changes throughout its 10-year lifespan; the narratives that surround Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies along with their value proposition have been more or less steady. Over the years, the proponents of Bitcoin have fluctuated between the asset being a Medium of Exchange and a Store of […]

crypto mining 2019

Many cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) have an automatic, decentralized mechanism that generates crypto tokens out of thin air. This is crypto mining. These tokens act as rewards to miners for mining blocks of transactions and adding them to the blockchain. Inevitably, this resulted in mining becoming a booming business venture. All it takes to start is […]

cryptocurrency at 2019

Bitcoin’s valuation being $6,000 was an important level to many people in the crypto space. Miners, ICOs and crypto hedge funds alike all relied on the price to stabilize at that level. When that resistance level broke, many things changed for the market environment. What happened at $6,000? Bitcoin (BTC) traded sideways at around $6,000 […]

ripple xrp

Ripple XRP is now available to buy and sell on the iCE3X platform. We have been working for a long time to be able to implement this and now there is a native way to obtain XRP in South Africa. We are continuing to expand our tokens offering and will be looking to add ERC-20 […]

Bitcoin Mining - Featured Image

The modern Gold Rush is Bitcoin BTC mining. It does not involve pickaxes or pans though. We are not looking for actual nuggets of gold. Bitcoin mining is about trying to obtain digital gold. Bitcoin mining involves using high-power computers to solve insanely complex maths problems. Like gold prospecting, there is a huge amount of […]