Bitcoin News Roundup Week 33

Bitcoin News Roundup Week 33 – Mainstream Finance

In this week’s Bitcoin News Roundup Week 33, we focus on mainstream finance, government and the blockchain.

The interest in blockchain technology grows and intensifies. This is especially true for the largest financial institutions and central banks.

Japanese Banks, the Bank of England (BoE), the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) are all increasing there exposure to the blockchain.

Japanese Banks to Build a Blockchain

This week a collection of Japanese banks announced that they will, in partnership with Ripple, develop a blockchain platform. This is for their forex and domestic exchange services.

BoE Exploring its own Digital Currency

Central banks are amongst the mainstream financial institutions taking an increased interest in the blockchain.

The Bank of England has been known to be exploring the idea of a digital, blockchain-version of the British Pound since 2015. They are now in the process of hiring a chief economist to assist with furthering that research.

ASX Digital Ledger Experiment Continues

The Australian Stock Exchange has been working on a DLT solution for its settlement system for some time. This has been well known in the market.

This week the ASX announced that the first iteration of that system is ready. It has been deployed for experimentation in a few use cases.

The solution was developed with blockchain industry heavy-weight Digital Assets Holdings (DAH).

EBA and EU Digital Currency Regulation

According to mainstream finance, regulation is good for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It provides certainty and indicates ecosystem maturity. One such body seeking to impose a regulatory framework is the EBA.

The EBA recently outlined its proposed framework for regulation which does not appear altogether restrictive for the industry.