Swedish Bitcoin Mining manufacturer Kennemar & Cole sold over $3m worth of hardware in just 96hours.

Lesson: “when there is a gold rush, sell buckets and spades”

The company, founded in April 2013, is reporting fantastic sales, @Maxkeiser was spot on with his interim target of R4500.00. We’re still on track to hit the R15000.00 mark I predicted before Christmas.

This is an exciting time for Bitcoin, South Africa and especially for us. Testing of our new trading engine is under way and we are looking forward to launching the new platform.

Upwards & onwards

We have seen a steady rise over the past week and I think this is just going to continue. The world is waking up to the potential of Bitcoin as a tool to self empowerment and not just a fly by night scheme.

Start-ups resulting from the boom in April-May are now getting their products and services out there and consumers are eager to spend their coin in new novel ways but also migrate their spending habits, looking for suppliers accepting Bitcoin.

(This article should in no way be seen as investment advice. Bitcoin is a highly volatile and risky digital commodity. Exceptional profits can be made, but you risk losing all your money).

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