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Help Bitcoin Botswana Travel to Amsterdam

Alakanani Itireleng first came to the world’s attention when this article from was published in VICE Magazine.

Alakanani is the key Bitcoin Botswana evangelist. She is known globally for her fervent support of the technology, locally.

As Bitcoin Botswana’s ambassador she believes strongly in its potential to revolutionise all aspects of life: in her native Botswana, across the African continent and the world.

Alakanani is a university graduate currently studying a Masters Degree in business administration.

She organised Botswana’s first Bitcoin meetup in October 2013. Since then the events have flourished.

As an entrepreneur she is already working with local companies interested in accepting Bitcoin.


There is now an active effort to raise approximately US$ 4,000 (in Bitcoin) to help Alakanani travel to the coming European Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam.

It is certain that her unique experiences will be of great value to the event.

Elizabeth Ploshay of The Bitcoin Foundation is running the campaign. Full details are here. She notes:

As a game changer in the Bitcoin community, we ask for your help in providing the opportunity for her to travel to Bitcoin 2014. Global financial inclusion is one of the most beneficial social and economic outcomes of Bitcoin’s worldwide adoption. Her presence and participation at #Bitcoin 2014 will empower her to keep growing the Bitcoin ecosystem in Africa.

Donations can be made to: 18XkPm3cm1mjbb19NEdvLZq7XyPQJcLUZG

The Bitcoin Foundation’s Roger Ver set up the donation wallet and has volunteered to monitor it.

The Foundation thanks you for your donations and providing this opportunity to Alakanani and Bitcoin Botswana.

The drive is being led by:

Elizabeth T. Ploshay: Secretary – Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors

Peter Vesseness: Chairman – Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors

Roger Ver: Bitcoin Evangelist and Investor, Blockchain

For any further questions or comments you are encouraged to contact the Bitcoin Foundation directly.

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