Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup Week 29

Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup – Week 29

In this week’s Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup Week 29 we’re all about the Blockchain.

The Bitcoin market has been quiet since the halving. The price has been trading sideways. Further, there is little on Bitcoin in the news.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Boring can be good. It may well be a sign of a maturing market.

We know Bitcoin has had its fair share of attention over the years. This has not always been welcome. Nor has it always been of direct benefit.

All the attention this week has  been on Altcoins and alternative blockchains.

Blockchain is still hot. And the focus in the private sector is still on alternates

Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup Week 29- Ethereum Takes the Headlines

Ethereum has taken a lot of the attention and headlines recently.

First there was the DAO hack a few weeks ago. Since then, after much deliberation, the community decided to Hard Fork.

This is a fundamental change to the network. If done successfully it would return all funds from the hacker to the original holders. The Ethereum community pulled this off successfully this week.

Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup Week 29 1

The network hard forked and the market has responded positively.

The press has also responded positively. Most notably, Coinbase, the leading wallet provider in the Bitcoin space has added Ether tokens to their wallet platform. This is a big move. It’s the first altcoin that Coinbase has lent its considerable credibility to.

Bitcoin and Blockchain News in the Private Sector

Mizuho Financial has teamed up with Ripple for a pilot project. Ripple’s blockchain technology, it is envisaged, will help them with international currency settlements.

Meanwhile, 6 banks in Africa are looking to interconnect using Ethereum. Specifically, they are working with a private implementation of Ethereum’s technology.

It is hoped that the Ethereum implementation will be used to facilitate syndicated and securities loans, replacing current OTC operations.

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