When Art Meets Wine & Add Bitcoin

Wine and art: ain’t nothin’ finer. Combined with Bitcoin? That’s a pièce-de-resistance.

myFINBEC is a European street art event event held annually. It’s in its 3rd year in 2014.

Street artists from around Europe come together to work on a unique street painting project together.

The event this year will be held in Switzerland. Artists will collaborate to create four murals on eighty-four wine cases stacked on top of one another.

When Art Meets Wine & Add Bitcoin

As well as Switzerland, the organisers have decided to take the event on a tour: travelling to Paris, London, Cologne and Berlin.

Gallery locations and dates are available on the website.

The idea is to provide an opportunity of art enthusiasts all over Europe to enjoy the show and try the wine. That’s right, the paintings are on wine cases. This means the cases need to be emptied first.

The wine on show comes from the Valais region of Switzerland. An ancient wine growing region, famous across Europe.

The Valais region in the Alps, with its pure mountain air and mineral rich streams, makes for a glorious organic beverage.

Cave Fin Bec is the winery and they are world class, by all accounts: having won five gold medals in the world’s largest wine competition – The AWC International Wine Challenge. The competition is judged by professionals who do a blind taste testing of over eleven thousand wines, from a selection of global vineyards.

Once can only imagine the sensation of trying 11,000 different wines. I’m guessing, rather than drinking, they do that swirl it in your mouth and spit it out thing.

In fact, the paintings will become the artwork of the Cave Fin Bec’s organic wine labels.

Past events have been hugely successful. This year the organisers have decided to add Bitcoin as a payment option for the wine and art. There is another part of the site where pricing is listed in Bitcoin.

The organisers are fans of Bitcoin and pleased to integrate digital currencies.

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