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We have some exciting developments in the April Updates for iCE3X. The latest upgrade introduces a new verification level. This allows you to withdraw a limited amount by verifying their phone number through SMS. You can try out the full iCE3X experience including withdrawals before fully committing your documentation to fulfil the KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. We also introduce Instant Buy to allow you to get Crypto faster and easier than ever before.

Confirm Your Account with Just Your Phone Number

The April Update lets users have access to a verification level that doesn’t need you to send a copy of all your verification documents. You can achieve a level 1 account which will allow you to withdraw up to 0.014 BTC from your account just by verifying your phone number. Once you have made an iCE3X account, click on the accounts icon (the person icon) in the top menu as shown below:

profile button

On the accounts page, click on the verifications tab in the left menu.

Verification button

Enter your mobile number in the area marked.

You should start with the country code which is +27 for South Africa. The number should look like “+27 [Your Phone Number]”. Click send.

verification mobile phone field

You will be sent a 6 digit code by test, put this into the SMS code section and click submit. A phone number can only be confirmed by one account.

sms code submit field

After this, you have reached level one and can now withdraw up to 0.014 BTC. You can upgrade to level 2 and be able to withdraw much more in the same verifications tab by clicking on “upgrade to the next level” and follow the instructions.

sms verification 0.014 btc comfirmed

We also have a video which shows the whole process as well.


Instant Buy Lets You Get Crypto Easily

The April Upgrade also introduces the Instant Buy feature on iCE3X, allowing you to buy crypto faster than ever before.

Instant Buy Menu

To get to Instant Buy, click on Quick Buy in the top menu.

You will be lead to this page where you can instantly buy some of our suggested values or you can make your own instant buy option. The values are calculated using the current market value so you don’t need to guess a price and make your own order. We even give you some suggested amounts to buy as well.

Click on the drop down to change the currencies you will be buying and which fiat currency you will be buying with as well.

You can also choose either the amount of Fiat you want to spend or the amount of crypto you will want to buy and the other side will be calculated using the current market value for you.

Once you have clicked buy, it will lead to a confirmation dialogue. Click yes and an order will be made. Once this is matched and completed, you will have the crypto you bought without all the hassle. We also have a video showing the whole process as well.

And that’s it for the April Updates!

Upgrades in the Pipeline

We are working on newer upgrades for iCE3X. In the coming month, we will be introducing ERC-20 token markets as well. Watch out for more articles explaining all about ERC-20 tokens in the next few weeks. What do you think about the new upgrade for iCE3X? Do you think this will make it easier for newer users to sign up and start trading? Send on this article to anyone you know who was on the fence about signing up!

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