Building Your Own Trading APP or Service?

API ‘s have become a standard feature and an integral part of any developers’ toolkit. Companies use these types of connections to make data available internally as well as to clients and users. In order to provide our users with a complete service, we provide a restful connection to our platform which can be accessed freely from anywhere.

iCE³X have a PUBLIC API that allows you to build your own application and consume public trading data via our application programming interface. This is particularly useful for plugin developers or mobile app creators. You can use the link below to test a live example of the response for the order book ticker.

Our PRIVATE API requires authentication but gives the developer access to a range of methods in order to build complicated applications, trading bots and reporting tools. You can find complete documentation by clicking on the link below.


  1. Example Results: LIVE Orderbook Ticker

  2. iCE³X API Documentation

    iCE3X API documentation

  3. API Keys
    • TheiCE3X Public connection does not require authentication.
    • TheiCE3X Private connection requires authentication using a secret key pair. You can generate and manage your key pairs in the account section of the exchange -> GO TO API SECTION

Security Note:

It is very important to pay close attention to security requirements when building an application which interfaces with or connects software to any type of product where there is a value transfer involved. We will happily review any product or service which you create in order to help secure it for you. We are not able to test functionality, endorse or promote your application as we ultimately can only control the security of the connections we provide. At Present we do not allow for FUND Transfer Requests via software connection. This is a conscious decision which we have not taken lightly. For more information on corporate use of our services, please contact the service desk.

Do You Have More Questions About Our API?

Below you will find the blogroll with all our posts related to our public and private API. We are unable to troubleshoot individual apps or code due to all the possible variables. However, we will gladly assist with any basic troubleshooting or help you find the right resource for your query. Please do try and provide as much information as possible in order to help us achieve a speedy resolution. Most importantly we need to know which language you are using to develop your software. We also need as much technical information regarding the hardware/software environment you are working with. If you have any error codes or messages when making calls to the connection, this will greatly help. Please contact us via the service desk

Have You Built an APP or BOT Using Our API Service?

If you have built an application or service which connects to our platform and can be useful to others, please drop us an email. Any suggestions or requests on how we can improve on the tools available to developers we would love to hear from you. We also encourage market data service providers or wallet providers to get in touch with our marketing team!

Did you know?

  • The first “API” was used in late 2000 by SalesForce in order for their clients to share data, around nine months later, Ebay launched their first software connection service.
  • In 2008 Expedia was rumoured to have generated $1.8billion from software connectivity services
  • You can type an API method directly in your browser. Consequently, pulling data from our secure software connections directly into your own spreadsheets has never been easier. You can do this using the software of your choice. For example Google Sheets.
Here is a great example of an iCE³X API Info App which an Android Developer in Johannesburg built. This is a really clean and user-friendly app which allows a trader to have instant access to iCE3X data and also has the functionality to track portfolios. This is done by using “investment cards”. The beauty of this approach is that the app only uses the public API, so it does not store or need any permissions to your device or trading account. Should you lose your phone or worse, have it stolen, you are safe in the knowledge your cryptocurrency is secure. Moreover, you also know your information is still protected.
The app also has some additional notification functionality and has a balanced news feed, which picks news articles across multiple channels to show in your local feed. This is also a very lightweight app which will not eat into your data allowance as many “cryptocurrency wallets” do.

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