API Upgrade and Integration

We are pleased to announce API upgrades for developers and professional traders.

There are now 4 public repositories under iCE3 on Github :

  • API Documentation.
  • Sample Java client.
  • Sample Node JS client.
  • Sample Go client.

These provide the necessary information for accessing the market data API and also integrating with the trade API.

The Java and Node JS client will help programmers with those expertise. We’ve also added another programming language in GO.

The iceCUBED trading platform provides a simple REST API which allows for integration of business applications, payment systems, trading systems, mobile apps, etc.

All requests use the “application/json” content type and must use https. Unless specified, all API methods use http POST.

Before using the API we encourage you to please take some time and understand the authentication mechanism built into the API. Some parts of the API require authentication and in those cases you will be required to register with iceCUBED and then contact our support team who can generate the required API keys for you.

If you have any feedback on the API please post a question in our support centre.

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