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Lightning Network Games on iCE3X
With the Lightning Network growing in popularity by the day, we are releasing a set of Lightning Network Games on iCE3X! Now everyone is able to play games while trying out the Bitcoin Lightning Network! Lightning Network Games? If you’re wondering what a Lightning Network game is, you’re not alone. The lightning network is still […]
7 Fun and Creative Use Cases For the Lightning Network
Since Lightning Labs released beta version 0.4 of the Lightning Network Daemon (LND); the Bitcoin Lightning Network has been growing at lightning fast speeds and has seen implementation into many different use cases. According to data from 1ML, a Lightning Network analytics startup company, the number of channels, nodes and the total network capacity in […]
Lightning Network Adoption: Bitcoin Core Developers’ Ambitious Plans
Luke Dash Jr, developer of Bitcoin Core (BTC) has caused an uproar of controversy following his idea to reduce the bitcoin block size from 1MB down to 300kb. While this isn’t the first time this concept has been brought up by Luke; with Lightning Network adoption rapidly growing, it may be a good time to […]
What Is The Lightning Network?
The lightning network has earned a reputation of being one of the most potent solutions to the scaling problems faced by cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. Effectively, the Lightning Network acts as a second layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain. This layer is used to transact Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies much faster and […]
Lightning Network Coming to Cash App?
The lightning network, a solution to bitcoin’s scaling problems may soon be available almost everywhere. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced his plans to integrate the Lightning Network with Square’s mobile app ‘Cash App’ Lightning Network Adoption Square CEO and Bitcoin-oriented startup Lightning Labs investor Jack Dorsey stated in an interview with known […]
Sending Bitcoin via the Lightning Network
Sending bitcoin via the lightning network is instant as no confirmations are required on transactions inside a trust channel. All you need is a BTC balance in a channel. When you refill your bitcoin lightning wallet from your bitcoin wallet, you are placing trust in the BlueWallet lightning node. You can now tap the send option […]
Getting a bitcoin wallet that supports the Lightning Network
Goal You set up a bitcoin wallet that supports sending and receiving bitcoin via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. For this guide, we will install the BlueWallet bitcoin wallet by BlueWallet Services S.R.L. Instructions Download BlueWallet for iPhone from iTunes or Android from Google Play Store Follow the on-screen instructions to first create a bitcoin wallet Follow the on-screen […]
Should you use the Bitcoin Lightning Network?
Private / Novelty Use The most likely category at the moment is private or novelty use of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It is under constant development and new upgrades or changes are made frequently. Private developers make up the main contribution to the lightning network, consequently the “next big thing” is most likely to come from […]
Disadvantages of the Lightning Network
Are we there yet? Not really. Possibly the biggest disadvantage ascribed to the current state of the bitcoin lightning network is the lofty expectations from what is essentially a social experiment. It is not a fully operational bulletproof, foolproof, novice proof payment system … yet The theory behind it looks good, but will the view […]