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It is nearly impossible to be without 2FA in this day and age. With all the identity thefts going on and criminals stealing your personal details, you need to be vigilant and know how to protect yourself. Learning about 2FA will save you lots of pain.


When you ask people what is 2-factor authentication, they probably cannot answer you. Because they will not know what it is or know how it works, even though some of them use it every day.

It has become very easy for a criminal to steal your identity and financial details on the internet when you use a standard username and password. So you need extra protection.

2FA means that you will need 3 things to log into your account:

  1. Your email
  2. Password
  3. A special PIN from your phone.

What is a Two Factor Authentication?

This is an extra layer of security also known as multi-factor authentication or a “one time pin” (OTP) method. 2FA logins need not only a password and username but also something only the user will have access to.  Information that they know or have immediately on hand. The username, password and the app generated pin together, will make it harder for intruders to gain access and steal your data or identity. 

A 2FA App like google authenticator works just like the bank sending you and OTP when you log in to internet banking. The only difference is that you generate the code with an App on your phone.

When you use 2-factor authentication it helps to lower the number of cases of identity theft on the internet and phishing via email as the criminals would need more than just the password and username.

Two Factor Authentication on iCE3X

Your iceCUBED account already has two-factor authentication as a feature. When it is set up, it adds extra security to your account. Furthermore, when someone gets your password they still can not log into your account without the security code that is generated by your cell phone.  

How to set up your 2FA

  1. Login to the iceCubed Platform (https://ice3.com)
  2. On the main page, click on “My Account”.
  3. Click on “Settings” tab.
  4. You may use any one of these links listed below to download the authenticator app on your phone.
  5. For Android
  6. For iPhone
  7. Click the “Enable” icon to begin to activate 2-Factor Authentication
  8. Scan the QR code with your Google Authentication App. You will now have a 6 Digit Authorization Code which will change every time you log into your account. When asked for this code, only use the code that shows on your phone screen.
  9. Insert the 2fa from Google Authenticator then press the “SAVE” button.
  10. Please tick all the tabs where you would want the extra security of two-factor authentication to be added and save it using your authorization code provided.

Well done you have set up your 2FA.

This means that everytime you login to your iceCUBED account you just insert your email and password as usual and then open your ‘Google Authenticator’ App and enter the 6 digit PIN that displays on your phone.

The PIN Number will be different every time you log in.

Taking care of your online profile is easy once you get used to it. Learning to use 2-factor authentication is quick and you can make a copy of your 2FA master codes. You can then save these 2fa master codes, somewhere only you have access to.

In conclusion, when you need to add extra security to your account you simply add 2-Factor Authentication and you are more secure and know that you have that extra step to ensure your details are safe from criminal activity.

Please watch the following video also explaining 2-Factor Authentication:

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3 Responses to 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) – Why it Matters
  1. 2FA sounds like a definite in this world of crooks and scammers! I always thought the OTP my bank sends when I transact online was a great idea. I recently came across a wallet service called Zumminer and they have a clever way of also making sure that only the owner of a wallet can sign in to their account. What happens is when you enter your email address and password to open your wallet web page, a email is immediately sent to your email address where you have to then confirm you want to open your wallet. This is like a built in 2FA system and something Ice3X may want to think of offering us clients as well. What do you say….?

    • The only problem is that so many users use the same email and password combination. So if a hacker got access to the user’s login details, they most likely have access to the email address too 🙁

      Ideally, something that you have physically on you which can generate a “unique” OTP is the best option.

    • This is a great feature yes, we already have this option available for our customers, but it is not as good as something like google 2fa. This is mainly because there is a very good chance that the user email is compromised which leaves this method dead in the water, unfortunately.


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