How to Set-up 2-Step Verification on Your Account.

Your iceCUBED account has a 2-step security feature. Once set up, it adds extra security to your account.

So, if someone gets your password they still can’t log into your account. Perfect!

2-step verification means you need two different things to log-in to your account. That is: i. your password and ii. a special PIN from your phone.

This provides additional security for your account by asking you to provide both ‘something you know’ (your password) and ‘something you have’ (a PIN on your phone).

You can set up 2-step verification on your account as follows:

1. Download the free ‘Google Authenticator’ app. onto your smartphone.


2. Log-in to your iceCUBED account.

3. Click the ‘Account’ tab, then Click the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ tab, underneath. 

You will see a QR code there.


4. Now, open the ‘Google Authenticator’ app on your smartphone. Click the button that looks like a pen. Then click the ‘+’ sign. Then click ‘scan barcode’.


5. Hold the camera up to the screen and scan the QR code in your account.


6. Finally, enter the PIN into your iceCUBED account and press ‘enable’.

That’s it! You’re done. You have now setup 2-step authentication.

Every time you want to log-in to your iceCUBED account just open your ‘Google Authenticator’ app and enter the 6-digit PIN along with your password.

For extra security the PIN number will be different each time you log-in.

To register your iceCUBED account and get started, click here. Happy trading.

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